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Ho'oulu ka 'Ulu Cookbook

Learn how to pick or buy fruit, cook, and prepare wonderful breadfruit dishes!

Breadfruit-cookbook-front-cover-300px2This new cookbook is essential for both novice and expert breadfruit cooks. It covers how to select fruit that will have the best taste and texture for the dish you are preparing. Then it covers the most important ways to cook breadfruit to eat plain (like potato) or use in various recipes. Finally, it presents 20 recipes selected from the last 25 years of breadfruit cookoffs and cooking contests in Hawai'i, allowing you to pick a dish perfect for any occassion.

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Preface by Dr. Diane Ragone    4
Introduction    5
When to pick ‘ulu fruit    6
Immature and full size green fruit    7
Mature fruit    9
Ripe fruit    10
Harvesting    11

Basic cooking techniques
  Steaming    13
  Boiling    14
  Baking    15
  Frying     16
  Traditional methods    16

  Pupus    19

Spicy ‘Ulu Poke
Breadfruit Hummus & Falafel
‘Ulu Chips & ‘Ulu Dip
Wonton Wraps

  Soups, sides, and salads    25

Breadfruit Seafood Chowder
‘Ulu Salad
‘Ulu Fries
Breadfruit Biscuits

  Main dishes    31

Corned Beef Patties
Moloka‘i ‘Ulu
Yellow Breadfruit Curry
‘Ulu au Gratin
Savory Breadfruit Bake
‘Āina Lasagna

  Desserts    39

Kaua‘i Paradise Pie
‘Ulu Pops
Breadfruit Pumpkin Pie
‘Ulu Custard Pie
‘Ulu Ice Cream

Notes 46

Recipes by

Celeste Aleah, Mariposa Blanco, Jeanette Bonilla, Mele Brewer, Laurel Brier, Honey Burns, Brenda Cloutier, Ingrid Estrella, Eno Garard, Ike ‘Āina–‘Āinaola Culinary Arts Class, Pauline Kalama, Jill Kawaiaea, Satsuki ‘Suki’ Matsuhashi, Wilkie McClaren, Genji K. Nakada, Manolya E. Oner, Nader ‘Nanoa’ Parsia, Richard ‘Ric’ Rocker, Dana Shapiro, Sara Thompson, Team Waipa

Order the book now from Amazon.com.

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